Puzzle No. 3195

Puzzle No. 3195


1 Backing up, crash into French bike–America, in short, is fantastic! (9)



1  Backing up, crash into French bike–America, in short, is fantastic! (9)

6  and 17 down Taken off the stock market, backward Ed lied about the little street. (8)

9  Hear spouse once dislocated hip. Do I indicate a cartilaginous process? (7)

10  What you call a place where a cat straddles a little horse? (7)

11  Evil mostly comes back after love, which works to wear things away. (7)

12  Concerning the tardier teller? (7)

13  See 25 across

15  Avoiding a hatchet is pretty smart! (6)

17  Kind of bullet train starts, and a competitor follows. (6)

18  Headache starts Midwestern playwright’s pivotal device. (5)

19  Tangled line on backward ocean current. (2,4)

22  Classically, a finger or a foot. (6)

25  and 13 One hears views about how to enhance flavor. (6)

27  Gold fruit sliced short at the coin-op dispensary. (7)

28  Little Spanish projectile often found under the eaves. (7)

30  After a company’s typical ending, it sounds like you kiss an evil spirit! (7)

31  Get stuck between two points, following former interpreter. (7)

32  Give a prod to Garbo, initially appearing in intimate portrait. (5)

33  Sloppily uses a tart, and gets thoroughly soaked! (9)


1  An unknown interrupts me in France at exposition opening–that’s pluck! (5)

2  Admonish, or show you’re right again? (7)

3  A kind of rubber? Research web on it extensively! (7)

4  Lots aimlessly improvise with no leader, but with a point. (6)

5  A runt’s transformed a planet! (6)

6  A kind of radar proves doper hiding place shortly. (7)

7  Crazy tunic, Al! Nuts! (7)

8  It’s only partly rustic, surreal… I’m confused! (9)

14  Big cat around Ugandan capital a single time. (5)

15  Millennium commencing in the universe’s incineration. (9)

16  Letter from Greece, home of the Colossus, of which only half remains. (3)

17  See 6 across

20  Remarked, “Neat.” (7)

21  Man upset over fit can be labeled. (7)

23  Nonprofessional program at European shows. (7)

24  In writer’s estimation, using fewest words. (7)

25  It’s a stable condition, and a family member, briefly, about sat up. (6)

26  Climb like Penny. (6)

29  Clothes for Shakespeare, sewed willy-nilly. (5)

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