1  Some might say such a dessert is rather heavy. (5,4)

6  see 11

9  Not quite 20, if it makes you feel any better! (7)

10  They were worn once, back at a showing of old poets. (7)

11,6 and 28 In succession you see the pursuer and the pursued. (3,5,7)

12  Bad credit can be this, as one might point out. (6)

13  The Egyptian goddess who exists twice? (4)

15  If you like to fiddle around with only large things, this could be your choice. (4,4)

16  In place of the oracle, I’d help make it. (6)

18  On the shoe or belt–or in the dish–you hope things don’t give way so! (6)

20  Hoping to make a little more than 9? (8)

23  Ready to tackle anything in play? (4)

24  An atom to smash, and you can make soup out of it. (6)

25  A sweet one may be in the garden, but an ape et it up! (3)

28  see 11

29  A measure might be, but you have to choose to get sort of dead around it. (7)

30  Went overboard for this, just to act with little Theodore. (5)

31  Ready for the Easter parade? (7,2)


1  A sign of soft music that could be played on it. (5)

2  An organization that brings up what you do at night shows what one does first with lots of fruit. (7)

3  Took a chance with bad things, being people used to risks. (4-6)

4  Using a common article, ran up to steal something in the wrong way in Michigan. (3,5)

5  Possibly a net result, having stolen jewelry to drag you in. (6)

6  A raised desk in an early Christian church, with the Lamb out to be shown. (4)

7  Brought up right in the pecan, for instance, just to eat a little bit, as the guest arrives. (5,2)

8  Refusing to go along with things is surrounded by what the non-doer is doing. (9)

14  Is there a point to wild mice and crazy loons being things that bring your thoughts to a temporary stopping place? (10 )

15  The infant needs a thousand commonly just to make a 1 down. (4,5)

17  Take little notice when it’s in a way to get free high-jinks! (8)

19  What a deb does is to form a small company with me, being finally not safe. (4,3)

21  A forged dime is about placed where it could be ascribed to a person. (7)

22  The letters sure do make something get turned bad. (6)

26  Most people don’t do this–they put two and two together by going down the column. (Sensible things have to!) (3,2)

27  Take things off in the outhouse? (4)