Puzzle No. 3174

Puzzle No. 3174


 1 Do members of them call each other “mates,” which is wrong? (5)



1  Do members of them call each other “mates,” which is wrong? (5)

4  The Egyptian judge of the dead, returning so with the flower? (6)

11  Ted, strung out over a drug problem, took a long, hard slog. (7)

12  Attained fame and success with the District Attorney briefly jumping back over a turbulent river. (7)

13  The skeleton seems to deliberately get one in trouble, on the job. (9)

14  see 27

15  Ordinary troops. (As a matter of custom, makes you do something!) (7,6)

17  A shopper looking for a good deal
at the drinking spot, to win one out for the game… (7,6)

22  …with drinks served to everyone. (5)

24  A city in Massachusetts, with the start of the fight lost, and you get to steal back with nothing. (9)

25  Have a little talk, and let back what should belong to you. (7)

26  It gnaws madly, which is wrecking a body’s health! (7)

27  and 14 What the bird lives on suggests a council in 1521. (4,2,5)

28  Bring back the wide oceans, poetically–and hurry up! (5)


2  The Australian bird and a ruffled teal imitate a good example. (7)

3  A city in Germany made around a large number, with common food coming up. (9)

5  The mouselike insectivore would be wily, if it had 500! (5)

6  What you may do to motor at the lake–or is it just a dream? (7)

7  Extreme cruelty makes this unhappy miss lose a point, in confusion. (6)

8  The people who work for you show something with a flag on it. (5)

9  In a crazy way, Pa’s mate shows a manner characteristic to a particular language. (13)

10  The latest gossip shows just how the natives speak! (4,2,3,4)

16  A sort of carpet to eat on–but they’re not exactly the winning type! (7-2)

18  Take little notice, a sort of turn is dead–but you really like things this way! (7)

19  Crazy bone comes with it, to a point, but it makes combs and buttons appear. (7)

20  A sort of support when the last month comes up short, but prepared for anything. (6)

21  You’ve got to make counterfeits for George, see? (5)

23  And the same to you! (5)

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