1  and 4 A gun-toter had to be, as does a speed artist. (5,2,3,4)

9  These birds are so backward with what they seek, to a point. (7)

10  At a lost, ravaged city, where Elaine came from. (7)

11  Aviators one might like to see in the hole. (4)

12 . Mehitabel’s little pal is mischievous at the onset of Yuletide. (5)

13  This Society is rather rarefied and might even sound like a form of address! (4)

16  Only the top people get to lie this way. (2,5)

17  Someone like Amos, but it sounds like something well-earned. (7)

19  This is in the same Book as 17 might be, or lots of people. (7)

22  A painter in Paris might be one, with unusual traits, to a point. (7)

24  and 25 They might tell you how far you are from a big city. (Stop and smile–they make them up!) (9)

26  Little Harold has nothing to put on top of a very special being. (4)

29  A bad air with wrongdoings might improve some of the cook’s output. (7)

30  Pertaining to certain fiber bundles, show-offs have a lot of what is around in here. (7)

31  and 32 As seen in a ballet, she might be favored by those with a sweet tooth. (9,5)


1  and 24 Grades given a current market price? Some crook two fingers on each hand to imply them. (9,5)

2  What the reporter announces, as a way to get in–or to have a certain effect on people. (7)

3  and 14 Things you want to remember. (Or what a Japanese person might do in jars.) (4-5)

4  Ever sob like this? Only if in trouble, see! (7)

5  Where four o’clock is a ritual, but if you have the wrong seat, jump to it! (3-4)

6  What did I say is wrong about 5? Many a diner hangs this out. (4)

7  One of the queen’s favorites, the Royal Athletic League, has pieces of eight (four-fifths, to be exact)! (7)

8  Look at the clock, sort of–this man cried a lot! (5)

14  See 3

15  Cleans out the place, and comes up with someplace to sit. (5)

18  I’ll never go there anymore, according to the old song. (They place it around a good place to find flowers.) (3,6)

20  The point where things get watery–let loose in China. (7)

21  The ceremony of marriage might show a loss up here! (7)

22  Politician Tony misspeaks, including a word that means just the opposite. (7)

23  A foreign language was difficult to begin with, with most of a hill having one. (7)

24  See 1

27  What the train runs on, coming up like one you wouldn’t believe! (4)

28  A good begining with the British fly-boys, with a Germanic title. (4)