1   Putting those little lighters in packages? No, these are the type associated with a ring. (6,7)

10   Mr. Amin has something pertaining to the ear, which is kinda crazy! (7)

11   Regret being around the wrong side? It might be left! (7)

12   Consulted together how to scam someone, when the ump comes back with a scarlet type. (9)

13  Concerning a legal proceeding, it gets a miner in trouble. (2,3)

14   India is wrong to place fifty in what may describe “design.” (6)

16  Here you have to exist back in sections of 1 across, but these are more likely to be found in basketball— (8)

19   —where such might get you a point or so. (Bird could be killed, it suggests.) (4,4)

20   A convention you might get to avenge, possibly. (6)

22  Although responsible for many a fable, it might be only a pose. (5)

23  Suggests a Greek sailor is capable making “wit.” (5,4)

25  He was asked to let certain people go. (7)

26  Close to 10 across, like 19, in a sense. (7)

27   It might go with a maternity dress! (9,4)


2  No! No! I could make a real tear-jerker! (5)

3  To start with, this is where to find the winner! (2,3,5,5)

4  It helps a kid get around—and run to carry! (2-4)

5  Take little notice! A game is in it—which might be cut short! (8)

6  At the end of the poker session, one could really die this way! (4,2,4,5)

7  One race could demand a certain amount of putting up with things! (Insurance definitely does!) (9)

8   Your kid could be quite a maker of it. (8)

9   Possibly taken by the captain. (4)

15   It proved an excellent purchase! (9)

17  Lousy places to live, but sailors just love them! (8)

18   To the Brits, he’s all-American—just like an apple. (8)

21   A bad artist, but one might find several of them dire! (6)

22   High points, like around a type of record. (4)

24   A poor excuse for a libido, I see! (5)