Puzzle No. 3162

Puzzle No. 3162


 1 Poverty-stricken, I tend gin mixture.(8)



1  Poverty-stricken, I tend gin mixture.(8)

5  Possibly Beatrix gets to be the one to put plants in the right containers–or to make them! (6)

9  A specific number I would shortly bring back with a facial disguise. (7)

10  Tot container, with a dramatic effort to write things down. (4-3)

11  Arrange in sequence everything that comes back in a good place for doves. (7)

12  A South American flower. (7)

13  How the Brits refer to what we call a dime novel–though we multiply their worth by ten. (5,8)

15  Demolish what could be cast on us. (5,3,5)

21  The more it’s different, the more it’s a theoretical statement! (7)

22  Protest strongly, but possibly give in to the onset of happiness. (7)

23  Makes what things like oranges might be put in, around the east. (7)

24  Twelve months long, usually ending on your listening apparatus. (3,4)

25  Sliding into place, obviously not the hard way. (6)

26  Met in return with false steps–but stormy scenes. (8)


1  Charge concealed by certain dictator. (6)

2  Explain more clearly, confused old Veep! (7)

3  Shoot the breeze with mother, not out for a pipe. (7)

4  With cursory “Jack Sprat” and “Humpty Dumpty” examples? (7,6)

6  One might play it, but it’s nothing in a car possibly. (7)

7  Puts a little “something else” in whatever the glass holds. (The wrong spot ends up “not on”!) (4,3)

8  In a haphazard way, hurried to provide title in Portugal–only the last half. (8)

10  ”Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow” may be your watchword, if you do. (13)

14  The sort of race that shows what you have to get over. (8)

16  Football teams for us, a morning break for the Brits. (7)

17  A sort of rake can possibly turn up what’s found in the outer skin layer. (7)

18  You have a sort of love for the writer to be around! This way you cover everything! (7)

19  Possibly oil discovered with rest, in a way–just hangs around! (7)

20  This sort of starch helps you navigate around. (6)

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