1  and 4 Two things a lineman must be able to do with hoisting equipment. (5,3,6)

9  The mail that’s not in your in-basket, possibly–where the recipient is far away. (7)

10  Such trading might not be approved of, being not out on the team, right? (7)

11  The wrong mode for the top of the building, possibly. (4)

12  Sold a variety of heavy things to cart around. (5)

13  Was Tim so like the woodman to your beginning? (4)

16  Make your debut, when the answer is not a way to get in. (4,3)

17  Throws into gear, possibly, with a wise-crack perhaps seen to occur about it. (7)

19  Frightened? That’s about right! (Though showing the results of a wound.) (7)

22  Suburbanite who runs back and forth, but one possibly stumbles. (7)

24  It’s the wrong road for a girl who is so often called dumb. (4)

25  In alarum, be roused to find this may be raw or burnt. (5)

26  Not up at the bottom of 24, say. (4)

29  Poetic gleamers–ten of them being in the Roman legion. (7)

30  Play false with the lover more than once? (3-4)

31  The exact spot is not indicated, therefore I objectively have a point at this location. (9)

32  One invited to your house might wax poetic. (5)


1  Something special given at the wharves, or other really out-of-the-way locations. (9)

2  It’s the very best sort of pot, with one little flower. (7)

3  See 22

4  Dramatizes Cats, possibly, but not in the end. (4,3)

5  Led the wrong way around what Boreas is responsible for, to gradually disappear. (7)

6  For example, Gore ends up thus, too. (4)

7  I’d get a lousy mark when the ruler is about to be making a joke of things. (7)

8  Not a late Civil War general, certainly! (5)

14  A slinky type, but a little firm with support for some ladies. (5)

15  Find a winning portion once more. (5)

18  A little way repeated around the group of hills, which is most odd! (9)

20 A supporter of 14 with one who wants all eyes upon him proves to be one who found favor with Jehovah. (7)

21  Seem wrong when the end is misplaced about it–with possession of land as one’s own. (7)

22  and 3 Pulls two strings together, and gets hooked, as they say. (4,3,4)

23  Give all the elements, yet get nothing with the sign of victory, in what is said to come before fall. (7)

24  Avoids getting “quackers”? (5)

27  What boasters do, getting the bird. (4)

28  Don’t stop! That’s no good, and will get you a loud noisemaker! (4)