Puzzle No. 3129

Puzzle No. 3129


 1 Kerchiefs? Crazy, as they say, about the darndest start! (8)

 5 See 23 down



1  Kerchiefs? Crazy, as they say, about the darndest start! (8)

5  See 23 down

10  Companies hope to have the working type–which is very good for a Victorian. (7)

11  With hoopla typical, you could find such strange creatures. (7)

12  Very tired, but no one is left out! (3,2)

13  Reign gets anarchic salutations. (9)

14  One hears it’s cold, but it might be very hot. (5)

16  Nap after school briefly, and after writing in Latin tersely for kirsch. (8)

19  Where you won’t find a winner soft and confused, but going to Frankie’s head. (5-3)

22  Therefore it’s a layer with the Church of England. (5)

24  The playful type might use one, and it brings a laugh to the girl. (9)

26  and 28 Digs up the gold with such as Willie of song, but they could help keep the channel clear. (4-8)

29  A glucoside obtained from woad, produced by an early American, which is about 100. (7)

30  Certainly not wet around the indicator of the feminine, which is rather nicely appareled. (6)

31  All right! That’s how Peter (obviously a vegetarian) kept his wife! (4,4)


1  How some hope to win the lottery, possibly. (2,6)

2  Country you get to by plane transfer. (5)

3  Army command, but only the alert pay it. (9)

4  Claims there are drinks around the limb here. (7)

6  Earth-shaking symbol for approximately the middle of February. (5)

7  A bad place from which to go to the fire. (6-3)

8  With IRS traditionally you have to want a drink with it. (6)

9  To make one, you may be expected to have a soapbox. (6)

15  Get in the middle of a fight? Stop it! (9)

17  In a red-faced manner, as they say, with what’s left of the smoke made wrong, but only the last half. (9)

18  No pearls can be involved here, just between you and me! (8)

20  Indolent, in a rather fancy way. (6)

21  You’ll find just an old piece of cloth in the assembly of information, but it could easily break. (7)

23  and 5 across Had a good talk, but prepared to swallow everything but the skinny part. (6,3,3)

25  So it gets up about the writer, but doesn’t close things down! (5)

27  The north bit of the farmer’s land, belonging to the maternal parent of Mme. Bailey, in a sense. (5)

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