From the April 3, 1976, issue. Be sure to vote in our contest to pick the new Nation puzzlemeister! And don’t give up too quickly, but the solutions to the contestants’ puzzles are now available!
 1 A place in Illinois—not much fun to sail poorly fitted out, but spectacular. (6,8)
 8 Hardy girl, and one associated with the fireplace turning into what should be checkering. (12)
10 Put too much weight on one end, with the coat unable to be tailored. (10)
11 It might be a map of Lapland, but not a little one. (4)
13 A Carib language form? (6)
14 In the main, everything confused. (3,2,3)
16 Ate there daily, tied inside. (8)
17 The man of 16 at last passed on and did what smoke or water does in turn. (6)
19 Possibly confessed to having French blood. (4)
20 A word of warning before a unique move on board the ship, in part. (10)
22 No surprise concerning the success of the child prodigy? (6,6)
23 It doesn’t imply one in charge of defense is necessarily bad. (8,6)
 1 What the screen lion evidently believed in might imply a selfish corner in Camelot. (3,3,4,4)
 2 It had three tongues. (7,5)
 3 Some who fail might hope to be. (10)
 4 Poster for dance and song, perhaps. (6)
 5 With the tire burst, a difficult clue is made into a bag. (8)
 6 The famous river of the rising star. (4)
 7 Common carrier? Not exactly, though a leader in the field, with color. (8,6)
 9 A peculiarly tall daisy’s an early November occurrence. (3,6,3)
12 Male in female dress, otherwise a form of narcotic. (10)
15 Ask to get up to a number procreated in the old-fashioned way. (8)
18 Want to do away with the law? Ring again! (6)
21 Coat that certainly isn’t heavy, but might be a little dirty. (They’ve made a movie out of it.) (4)