1 and 5 Work with such symbolic associations might be intriguing. (5,3,6)
10 In a vacuum tube, the negative pole changes each dot this way. (7)
11 Sets down platters, so-called. (7)
12 Weak tea by the sound of it? The other way around—but just a pinch of it! (5)
13 Such time shouldn’t hang heavy, though it’s really the distance that is measured. (5-4)
14 Take a big look, and this will be at the heart of it for shelter. (5)
16 It might be in dressing a boy surrounded by dirt. (5,3)
19 Leaves a band on stage, when the unexpected gate is off. (8)
22 See 2 down
24 If I were in this source, you’d see the chief attendant. (9)
26 Spoke in the plural form, as it were. (5)
28 His rank is unusual, even for one regarded as a god by some. (7)
29 Where coals may be heaped for the thankless. (7)
30 Smollett’s Roderick is without definite direction. (6)
31 Do they use 4 to scatter trinkets about? (8)
 1 and 23 The end of the bird goes to one of a communistic sect, perhaps employed at the bar. (8,6)
 2 and 22 across One probably wouldn’t employ a 1 and 23 down this way, where the circus band might be. (2,3,5)
 3 Responsible for one, you might be put in a corner. (9)
 4 Want the French to be associated with 31? (7)
 6 Something worn by a Highlander race as well? (5)
 7 In which there might be growing problems for the amateur. (9)
 8 Move in desperation to a place at the seaside, perhaps. (6)
 9 Certainly not an extravagant description. (6)
15 It’s a sign a rainstorm will be there for the Music Man’s girl. (9)
17 Certainly not left up as being absolute. (9)
18 Such as the privy? (8)
20 Not safe with nonprofessional expense. (6)
21 Perhaps found in bears, but also descriptive of certain people. (7)
25 Shrub or rub. (5)
27 This sea dog should have been a good swimmer. (5)