Our new weekly poll seemed to be resonating with our site users incensed with the midterm results, so we put the question to The Nation’s Twitter followers: "How do you feel about the sweeping GOP midterm gains?"

Here are some of the many smart replies we received:

@gilmanc283: My initial feeling is poor because nothing will be accomplished. The next two years will be about blame.

@verypolitik: Frustrated

@wolfiemouse: Feel sad so many good people lost. Not due to their ideas, but massive amounts of $$ spent on attack ads w/ truth suffering

@kAtAstic10: I’m worried about a gridlocked government… Is anything going to be accomplished?

@kellabeck: I choose most popular option "Depressed" But it would have been truer to my feelings had it started "Angry"

@GeoffreyDollars: Very disturbed that the GOP got to lead narrative on economy

@BowedOak: optimistic: there is no way GOP can fulfill its promises and the independents won’t give them more than 2 years to do it.

@Peary85: It SUCKS for this country to have GOP in Charge of Congress – they caused the recession w/ their policies so we will not recover

@socialgradient: ANGRY!! it proves our elections can be bought and paid with foreign money. we need campaign finance reform now more than ever!

@ysastep: I feel the GOP has no clue how to fix the economy. Outsourced jobs do not return. Corp America has a down payment on the US, through the change in the house.. Bad times ahead

@Ez_JayBird: I just feel sad about GOP gains disguised as "populism" and the teaparty crowd denying billionaire funding.

@PANTHERCHAP: convinced big money interests control our government and press to such an extent that our republic has morphed into an oligarchy.

@Bergen2: all of the above plus the 7 stages of grief all mixed together.