The first few days of the RNC have brought fake compassion from inside Madison Square Garden, more than 1,500 arrests in the street, and protest activity everywhere. With the convention wrapping up tomorrow night, United for Peace and Justice–the antiwar coalition which brought us last Sunday’s massive march–is asking New Yorkers and others who have come from around the country to protest the Bush Administration’s policies to create a closing RNC protest event at Union Square Park tomorrow night as Bushaccepts his nomination.

UFPJ’s call: “We encourage people to come to Union Square after 8:00 PM on Thursday, September 2, with candles or flashlights, flowers, photos and other offerings to create a living memorial to those who have died or will die as a result of the Bush Administration’s policies. As we create the memorial, we will gather in small groups with family and friends or people we have not yet met to share our stories and speak our truth.”

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