Osama bin Laden Dead: The Nation’s Coverage

Osama bin Laden Dead: The Nation’s Coverage

Osama bin Laden Dead: The Nation’s Coverage

Find links to all of The Nation‘s coverage of the killing Osama bin Laden, and what it means for the war on terror, here.


Check here often for links to the latest Nation stories, blog posts and video about the killing of Osama bin Laden and what it means for the war on terror.

Christopher Hayes, "An End to ‘Bad Guys:’" It’s time to banish our dangerously-simplified us-versus-them mentality and recognize the world as it is: shot through with suffering and complexity.

Jeremy Scahill, "JSOC: The Black Ops Force That Took Down Bin Laden:" Some call them “Murder, Incorporated.” Others say they’re America’s counterterrorism ”ace in the hole.” JSOC is the elite Special Ops force that has been at the tip of the spear from Bush to Obama.

William Greider, "Pakistan: Our Medacious Ally:" It is impossible to believe the government of Pakistan did not know exactly where we could find Osama.

John Nichols, "Cheney Refuses to Admit He Was Wrong on Obama’s Approach to War on Terror:" The former vice president made a mess of the aftermath of 9/11 by aligning the US with Pakistan and betting on a flawed approach to intelligence-gathering. But now he’s trying to claim some credit for Osama’s capture.

View our Slide Show: What Will Osama bin Laden’s Death Mean for the ‘War on Terror’?

Robert Scheer, "A Monster of Our Own Creation:" Three decades after we first decided to use Osama bin Laden and other imported Muslim zealots for our Cold War purposes, we feel cleansed by his death of any responsibility for his carnage.

William Greider, "The Ghost of bin Laden:" Now that Osama is dead, can America at last break free of the conceit of endless war?

Katrina vanden Heuvel, "It’s Time to End the War on Terror:" President Obama’s call to Americans to remember that “justice has been done” is an opening to seize. It is time to stop defining the post-9/11 struggle against stateless terrorists a “war.”

Jeremy Scahill, "How Osama bin Laden Led the US to Declare War on the World:" On Democracy Now! this morning, Scahill explains that Osama bin Laden’s killing is not necessarily a cause for celebration: the US used the man who masterminded the September 11 attacks as a reason to launch a global War on Terror that has killed hundreds of thousands of people.

John Nichols, "Obama Heads to 2012 As the President Who Could Do What Bush Couldn’t:" Forget trumping Trump with the long-form birth certificate. President Obama’s announcement that he ordered a successful mission to kill Osama bin Laden is likely to yield political benefits for some time to come.

Robert Dreyfuss, "Bin Laden’s Dead, Now Let’s Get Out of Afghanistan:" And, which side is Pakistan on?

Greg Mitchell blogs the media’s reaction.

Plus, read full text of the White House’s press briefing and Pakistan’s first official comment on bin Laden’s death. Watch Obama’s late-night address to the nation.

From the Archive: The editorials published in The Nation immediately after September 11, 2001 raised questions about terror, security and war that are still relevant today.  Read "Justice, Not Vengeance" and "Rules of Engagement." And read Robert Fisk on his talks with Osama bin Laden.

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