Keith Olbermann gave a scathing “Comment” on his MSNBC program this week, where he decried the rhetoric espoused by the McCain/Palin campaign of late, which asserts that there are two nations: one real, and one not, one “pro-American”, and the other anti-American. Olbermann criticized Sarah Palin’s statement that the best of America is in small towns, and not in cities like Washington DC, because people living in small towns are more patriotic. Olbermann also attacked congresswoman Michele Bachmann for her call for a witch-hunt to root out “pro” and “anti” Americans in Congress. Olbermann questioned why such “isolationist” and “hateful” rhetoric holds political currency in this moment of national difficulty, saying simply that he felt that it is the “divisive politics [that] is anti-American”.

Marissa Colón-Margolies

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