As I left work yesterday, on the eve of this referendum on the Bush Administration’s failed, disastrous policies–especially the neocon-led invasion of Iraq, I got a PR email blast from Vanity Fair. “Perle and Adelman Blast Bush Administration….If Given Second Chance, Would Not support Invasion.”

2,800 Americans dead, more than 20,000 wounded and maimed, 100s of thousands of Iraqis dead, and these two neocon thugs are having second thoughts? Shameless doesn’t even begin to describe these characters. (And remember that Mr. Adelman coined the phrase about how it would all be a “cakewalk.”)

In the last couple of hours, people have sent me emails about this forthcoming story, Almost all end up saying, “well, the rats are jumping the ship.” I agreed at first. But then I thought–do not demean the good animal, the rat, by analogy. These two men and their neocon allies are political criminals, not rats, and they have much to answer for, in the court of history, and in the dock of judgment–down the road.