The Nation/Campus Progress Youth Journalism Conference

The Nation/Campus Progress Youth Journalism Conference

The Nation/Campus Progress Youth Journalism Conference

A roster of terrific journalists will be on hand on July 9 in DC.


On Thursday, July 9, The Nation is teaming up with Campus Progress to present a day-long journalism conference in Washington, DC — our fourth annual confab!

We’ve got some great journalists secured for a great day of workshops, a panel and a keynote speech. And it’s all free — even the food and t-shirts thanks to our friends at Campus Progress.

Here’s a run-down of what the day will look like:

*We’ll start things off with an introduction from Nation editor, Katrina vanden Heuvel.

*Then it’s a panel on the future of journalism with: Chris Hayes and John Nichols of The Nation, Nick Penniman of the Huffington Post and the American News Project and Rachel Sklar of The Daily Beast, formerly the Huffington Post’s media editor.

*After lunch, there’ll be six workshops featuring journalists like (ex-Nation intern) Juliet Eilperin, environmental correspondent for the Washington Post; John Nichols, who’ll discuss how journalists cover journalists; William Greider, who covers the economy for The Nation and whose recently-published book, Come Home, America, addresses the economic crisis, and Laura Rozen of Foreign Policy magazine.

Then it’s on to one of several hardcore, hands-on skills workshops: Designing audio slideshows, with Mark S. Luckie, a multimedia journalist who’s worked for the Los Angeles Times and who founded

*Blogging, with Jessica Valenti, the founder of Feministing, and Andrew Golis, deputy publisher of TalkingPointsMemo.

*Interviewing and generating story ideas, with Kavitha Cardoza, a reporter for the NPR affiliate in Washington, WAMU.

*Magazine writing, with Kai Wright, a freelance journalist who’s written extensively for magazines, mostly on health, sex and race issues.

*Turning ideas into articles, with Richard Kim, senior editor of The Nation, will present on the editing process, and how editors can help writers turn their ideas into articles.

*Investigative journalism and lead an interactive investigative activity, with Esther Kaplan, investigative editor at The Nation Institute, and Sarah Posner, a columnist for the American Prospect.

Click here if you’re ready to take part in this awesome event.

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