‘The Nation’ Takes on Rupert Murdoch

‘The Nation’ Takes on Rupert Murdoch

‘The Nation’ Takes on Rupert Murdoch

Highlights from over three decades of Nation coverage of Murdoch and his global empire.


Following the announcement that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has dropped its bid to take over the British satellite broadcaster BSkyB, the media mogul’s once-sturdy house appears to be collapsing around his head. The Nation has been tracking Murdoch’s monopolistic business practices almost since the beginning, and here are highlights from over three decades of our coverage of Murdoch and his global empire of television stations, film companies, and, of course, newspapers.

Rupert Murdoch’s Watergate, An invasion of privacy scandal threatens the careers to two of Murdoch’s top executives and the apparent heir the News Corp. empire.
Alexander Cockburn, May 2, 2011

Fox: The Liars’ Network, The problem with Fox is not that it’s conservative—it’s that it’s full of falsehoods.
Eric Alterman, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Rupert Murdoch!A man like Murdoch deserves to be shunned. That he is celebrated instead tells you almost all you need to know about the insanity that grips our benighted political culture.
Eric Alterman, March 24, 2011

Has the ‘Journal’ Lost Its Soul?, Rupert Murdoch has not wrecked the Wall Street Journal, as many had predicted. But a key question remains: is the new regime committed to unbiased reporting, or will it politicize the news?
Scott Sherman, April 22, 2009

All Rupert, All The Time, Will Rupert Murdoch’s play to own and operate the Wall Street Journal have a silver lining for liberals?
Eric Alterman, July 26, 2007

The Real ‘Fake News’, Progressives need to take on Fox News’s ugly propaganda.
Eric Alterman, April 19, 2007

The London Trip of a Global Tyrant,This city has been the November host of a global tyrant, on whose rampages the sun never sets.
Alexander Cockburn, December 8, 2003

Commies and the Conservatives Who Love Them, James Murdoch’s useful idiots.
Eric Alterman, April 23, 2001

Murdoch’s Fox News,They distort. They decide.
Daphne Eviatar, February 22, 2001

His Biggest Takeover, How Murdoch bought Washington.
Ken Silverstein, June 8, 1998

Buying His Way To A Media Empire, Rupert Murdoch shows how easy it is for folks with big-big money to break the law and get away with it.
Robert Sherrill, May 29, 1995

Newsdom’s Number One Dirty Bag , Nice things have occassionally been said about Murdoch, though such remarks usually come from bankers or right-wing ideologues or frightened New York Post employees.
Robert Sherrill, May 10, 1993

Can Rupert Murdoch Have It All?, Murdoch has suddenly found that his stories of two-headed monsters and pictures of decapitated women have taken a back page to his own front-page caricature.
S.A. Simon and D. Wagenhauser, February 13, 1988

Low Road to Oblivion, Murdoch’s management of the New York Post.
Edwin Diamond, May 24, 1980

Press Lord of Mass Ignorance, The real skill of Rupert Murdoch lies less in his management of a newspaper business than in his understanding and manipulation of demographic politics.
Anthony D. Smith, November 18, 1978

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