Our media coverage is often dominated by one big story that crowds out most everything else. As an antidote, every week, Nation interns try to cut through the echo chamber and choose one good article in their area of interest that they feel should receive more attention. Please check out their favorite stories below, watch for this feature each Monday, and please use the comments section below to alert us to any important articles you feel warrant broader attention.

Karla Cornejo Villavicencio:

Police brushes spark concern among Madrid officials fearing 15-M anarchy.” El País, 7/13/11.

Accompanying video.

Kevin Donohoe (web):

“Federal Judges Are Retiring At Twice The Rate New Judges Are Being Confirmed,” by Ian Millhiser. Think Progress, 7/18/11.

Carmen García:

California’s Hidden Hunger Strike.” Los Angeles Times, 7/20/11.

And “Inmate Health Dwindles as Prison Hunger Strike Enters Fourth Week,” by Jorge Rivas. Colorlines, 7/19/11.

Sahiba Gill:

Do I Make a Difference?,” by Shelly Kagan. Philosophy & Public Affairs, 7/14/11.

Daniel Judt:

Here Everything is Poison,” by J. Malcolm Garcia and Darren McCollester. Virginia Quarterly Review, Fall 2010.

Marc Kilstein:

US Claims of ‘No Civilian Deaths’ in Pakistan Drone Strikes is Untrue,” by Chris Woods. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, 7/18/11.

Shelby Kinney-Lang:

Tribune Outsources Local Journalism Jobs to Chicago,” by Dan Kennedy. Media Nation, 7/11/11.

The post contains a link that Shelby pointed out in particular:

More advocate layoffs.” New Haven Independent, 7/8/11.

Anna Lekas Miller (web):

The Lobbyist File: Doug Johnson,” by Nick Baumann. Mother Jones, July/August 2011.

Zach Newkirk (DC):

The GOP’s Perverse Debt Default Incentive,” by Steve Kornacki. Salon, 7/18/11.

Natasja Sheriff:

Fishery Refrom Slips Through the Net,” by Rainer Froese. Nature News, 7/6/11.

Britney Wilson:

Using the Death Penalty to Get Re-Elected,” by Sherrilyn A. Ifill. The Root, 7/20/11.