The state of John McCain’s health is an issue of grave concern for
all Americans, regardless of political persuasion.  Given the fact
that he has been treated for an invasive melanoma and other maladies, it
is important that he release his full health records.

For a very brief three hours in May, McCain released 1,173 pages of his
medical records
to a carefully selected group of
.  They were not allowed to make any copies or phone
calls.  Why such secrecy?  

We have enlisted
a group of doctors from around the country to lead the effort to make
sure the public is able to see and make judgments for themselves. 
Secrecy is not of service to our democracy, transparency is. 

Cancer is a serious issue.  That’s why 30 medical
doctors have already signed our open letter telling McCain to
issue a full, public disclosure of all his medical records.  Send
this video far and
to request that McCain release his full health records. 
Ask every medical doctor you know to sign onto the letter, and be sure to sign the letter
  McCain’s records must be made public and

While McCain doesn’t really care about our health
, we all should care about the health of McCain.