Joe Lieberman canceled his scheduled campaign events on Tuesday afternoon, with his campaign announcing that the embattled senator would spend the rest of primary day making get-out-the-vote calls.

Depending on one’s perspective, that’s either a sign that the senator is confident, or a sign that he’s giving up on winning the primary.

But one thing is sure: the Fox News Channel is still campaigning for Lieberman. An Election Day report on the neoconservative cable channel featured an image of the neoconservative senator’s anti-war challenger in today’s contest for Connecticut’s Democratic Senate nomination, Ned Lamont, above the line: “HAVE THE DEMOCRATS FORGOTTEN THE LESSONS OF 9/11.”

The same report featured images of Lamont and Lieberman on a split screen with an image of an Israeli tank, all above the line: A LAMONT WIN, BAD NEWS FOR DEMOCRACY IN MIDEAST?”

Apparently, the network is delivering on Fox personality Sean Hannity’s pledge of support from earlier this year. “If you ever want me to do anything, for you and your re-election,” Hannity told the senator in February, adding that, “I think we ought to have Conservatives for Lieberman, a big fundraiser in Connecticut, and if I could ever do that, I’d make it the biggest blowout celebration ever.”

No fund raiser? O.K., how about some TV time?