At a time when the shift toward the Internet and the corporate quest for increased profit are threatening the future of journalism, it’s inspiring to see the editor of a major daily newspaper paper push back.

Dean Baquet, the editor of the L.A. Times, is staging a high-profile mutiny against the suits at the Tribune Company, publicly refusing to make an estimated $10 million in cuts they are demanding. Baquet has said enough is enough and that a great newspaper cannot be corseted and expected to flourish.

Baquet has garnered support from his publisher Jeff Johnson; from his staff which is circulating a petition; and from an ad hoc committee of L.A. luminaries (including civic-minded billionaires and labor leaders) whose open letter to the Tribune Co. was published, yes, on the editorial page of the Times.

Some have called Baquet’s move a last-ditch “Alamo strategy.”

We’ll see on Thursday when the Tribune board meets in Chicago. Putting down Baquet’s rebellion will be at the top of the agenda.

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