Koch industries, the massive conglomerate owned by the libertarian Koch brothers, is situated to profit heavily if the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project is approved. The pipeline would carry Canadian tar sands through six of the nation’s states, running through one of America’s most important aquifers. Leaks could have a devastating effect upon the region’s water supply. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stands as one of the last hopes in halting the realization of this project. This short video from Brave New Films urges Americans to tell Clinton to represent the working class, not the nation’s billionaires. Click here to sign the petition telling Clinton to stop the Keystone XL pipeline.

The Koch brothers have been using their fortunes to push through an ultra-conservative agenda in elections around the country and even in the workplace. To read about how Koch Industries pressured their employees to vote in a Koch-friendly way in last fall’s elections, click here

—Sara Jerving