Following up. Here’s Brooks on last night’s debate:

The journalist’s job is to make politicians uncomfortable, to explore evasions, contradictions and vulnerabilities.

Let’s see. Off the top of my head, here are some questions I think could reasonably make a candidate uncomfortable during a debate.

1) Senator, if you had to choose between personally plucking the limbs off an infant child or allowing Al Qaeda to drop a nuclear bomb on New York, which would you choose, and who’s child would it be?

2) Senator have you ever fantasized about having intercourse with someone other than your spouse. If so, who and in what positions?

3) Senator, a former staff member of yours told a reporter several months ago that you “must have a stomach ailment” because your, quote, “flatulence was so noxious.” Should we be concerned about your health?

Do any of these have redeeming journalistic value?