Jon Stewart Slams Sarah Palin Sideshow

Jon Stewart Slams Sarah Palin Sideshow

Jon Stewart Slams Sarah Palin Sideshow

As Wall Street crumbles and hurricanes rip through the southern United States, Stewart sees the brighter side: a hot VP candidate.


While banks collapse and hurricanes devastate areas along the Southern US coast, why does The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart defend the inexperienced and uninformed Republican VP candidate from detractors? Sarah Palin is hot , after all, and Stewart is in love. Interspersed with the host’s goofy open-mouthed advances at super-imposed images of Palin, clips of the candidate’s interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson, and short clips of “crab porn” (Palin supported $2 million to study the mating habits of crabs), the political satirist exposes the VP candidate’s lackluster record yet demands with a wink (or blink) that we “shut up.”

Erica Landau

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