Americans voted their disapproval of the President’s Iraq strategy in November, yet as we approach the fourth anniversary of Bush’s invasion, he has chosen to escalate the conflict by recklessly using more American lives to try to salvage a delusional national policy.

In response, peace groups and politicians from both parties have been crafting creative ideas to extricate the US from this catastrophic conflict and activists are ramping up their efforts to finally force an end to the war.

Nation friend and filmmaker Robert Greenwald has just announced the formation of the Iraq Veterans Memorial. This living online tribute to US soldiers killed in Iraq will bear witness with 60-second video testimonies of family, friends, co-workers, and military colleagues of those killed. The memorial will be unveiled on March 19th–the war’s fourth anniversary–across the internet.

Here’s how you can help the project:

1. 60 second videos. If you knew a US soldier killed in Iraq, please send us your video testimonial or forward this email to someone who did, and encourage them to participate. Click here for details on how to send material.

2. Join this blog in committing to host the memorial on your own blog, website, or MySpace or Facebook page on March 19th. This will be the big unveiling, and the more widely the memorial is re-posted online, the greater its impact will be. Click here to sign up.

Greenwald will also have people in Washington, DC at the peace march on January 27 filming testimonials during what promises to be the largest outpouring of antiwar sentiment since the war began. Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Jr., Members of Congress, Military Families, and Soldiers to Speak will be speaking as marchers call on Congress to listen to the voters, not Bush, by using its power to end Bush’s war and bring the troops home. So go to DC on Jan 27 if you can, and watch this space for more ideas on how to help get us out of Iraq.