The spectrum of allowable electoral choices in this country could hardly be more limited and uninspiring. It’s hard to get excited about many candidates we have to choose from this Tuesday. But the only alternative to voting is not voting. And that’s an even worse option. These videos, culled nationally from the current electoral cycle, make clear why it’s so important to cast your ballot. Polls open 6 am in each state on November 4. Check for info on your polling place and registration status.

Top Ten GOTV Videos

1. Ferguson, MO—Vote on November 4

2. Bad Reputation

3. Lewis Black Says F#%! Voter Suppression

4. Who’s Gonna Stand Up, #NoKXL

5. Artists for 47

6. #WTFweVote

7. It Matters NC

8. Ohio Needs to Get Out The Vote!

9. Get Out the Native Vote

10. Rock The Vote Presents: #Turnoutforwhat