For our special issue on "Reimagining Capitalism", The Nation asked sixteen activists and economic thinkers, "If you had the ability to reinvent American capitalism, where would you start? What would you change to make it less destructive and domineering, more focused on what people really need for fulfilling lives?"

Their responses provide a provocative sampler of smart ideas—concrete proposals for reforming the dysfunctional economic system in fundamental ways. These brief essays should stimulate imaginations and maybe start some healthy arguments. At the very least, they demonstrate that the nation is alive with fresh thinking and bold outlines for big change, and that we can change the way we talk about what’s possible.

Now we want to hear from you. Send us your succinct proposal—not more than 400 words please!—by July 4. We’ll publish a forum of reader responses with elaboration and annotations for the most imaginative ideas.