Note that this week’s puzzle is in keeping with the theme of the entire issue (“Occupy”). Here is our weekly batch of hints on the new puzzle.

For beginners:

Look for hidden words in 1A and 29A, and anagrams in 9A, 11A, 3D, and 13D. The part of speech in 13D may come as a surprise.

For everyone:

15A: This is an unorthodox phonetic clue.

26A: This is a charade, with “heralding” connecting the two parts.

28A: This phrase may not be familiar.

5D: The definition may be unexpected.

19D: The definition is “E.g. Lisa.”

27A: The ? is forced by the syntax of the clue; it’s not there to indicate a pun. 24A, on the other hand…

26D & 8D: The answer is a single word, that breaks charade-style into two. The definition of the whole answer is “affront.”