Healthcare Bill Needs Reform

Healthcare Bill Needs Reform

John Nichols explains why he is excited about the possibilities for progressive reform to the healthcare bill.


Nation columnist John Nichols and National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill discuss reform of the healthcare bill on Bill Moyers Journal. O’Neill is frustrated by the sacrifices forced upon the women’s movement for the bill and wants to see leadership from Obama. Nichols is excited about the prospects for reform and says that the only mistake progressives could make is to "defend this bill as is."

Nichols briefly discusses a proposal set forth by Democratic Representative Alan Grayson from Florida, which would allow citizens to buy in to Medicare at cost. The proposal is promising, Nichols says, because Grayson’s bill has eighty cosponsors and his online petition has received new signatures at the rate of one every six seconds.

"Obama is a cautious president," Nichols says. "It is time to go out and make him do the things that need to be done, and that’s an on organizing task."

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