Is Governor Scott Walker a Puppet?

Is Governor Scott Walker a Puppet?

On The Ed Show, John Nichols says that an ad campaign by the Club for Growth is fueling the assault on Wisconsin workers.


Speaking from amidst the crowds on the steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol building this past Friday, The Nation‘s John Nichols gets behind the right-wing campaign behind Wisconsin’s attack on unions. According to Nichols, the Club for Growth, an organization funded by extremely wealthy conservatives to carry out their budget-stripping goals, has been a key player in Republican Governor Scott Walker’s move to take out the state’s organized workers.

Nichols says the Club for Growth is part of a "national strategy" to get "newly elected Republican governors" to destroy labor and unions. "Walker," Nichols says, "is doing the dirty work of Washington think tanks and hedge funds that fund groups like Club Growth." 

For the latest on the push by anti-union organizations to strip workers of collective bargaining rights and more, read Nichols’s latest post and check for updates on his blog, "The Beat."

Kevin Gosztola

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