Government’s the Problem

Government’s the Problem

Complicated drug plans are the result of promises fulfilled.


(A reprise of the Republican Sea Chantey, sung by the Bush Administration’s famed All Thumbs Chorale)

Some seniors say they’re baffled by
Our drug plan, and we won’t deny
It’s complicated. That’s too bad,
But complications simply had
To be included in this plan:
We promised donors when we ran
That we’d enrich with every claim
Our pals in the insurance game.
If they don’t get their cut, you see,
It’s socialistic as can be–
Like Medicare, which we’ve surmised
Should certainly be privatized.

‘Cause government’s the problem, lads, Americans would all do well to shun it. Yes, government’s the problem, lads. At least it is when we’re the ones who run it.

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