GOP Becomes the Party of No(minees)

GOP Becomes the Party of No(minees)

The Nation‘s DC editor Christopher Hayes discusses the Republican’s reckless abuse of the Senate confirmation process.


Rachel Maddow runs down a list of highly qualified candidates who are
being held up from assuming their positions in the executive branch by
the petty and, by all appearances, organized opposition of grandstanding
GOP Senators. By delaying the confirmations of legal experts Dawn
Johnson and Harold Koh
, decorated veteran Tammy
, and perhaps
most troublingly the respected
diplomat Chris Hill
whose nomination as
Ambassador to Iraq has received the forceful backing of no less than
General David Petraeus, the Obama administration is being hampered in
its ability to effectively govern by obstructionist Republicans. The
Washington DC editor of The
Christopher Hayes describes this dangerous game of political
score settling as “outrageous.”

Corbin Hiar

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