As the GOP’s “War on Women” has intensified and states have passed ever more onerous restrictions on abortion access, feminist activists have shown again and again that they have the energy and organizing prowess to forcefully take on any adversary—from the once-popular Susan G. Komen Foundation to Rush Limbaugh to legions of anti-choice lawmakers.

Meanwhile, when the reaction to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s recent article inThe Atlantic proved that the question "can women have it all?" still hits a nerve, the varying responses from feminist writers made one thing clear: in order to solve the problems facing working women, we need more feminism, not less.

As with any dynamic movement, the future outlets for this energy are all but certain. What direction (or directions) is feminist activism heading? What organizing will we see in years to come?

On Thursday July 5, at 2 pm EST, Nation readers are invited to participate in a live chat on the future of feminist activism with co-founder and Nation blogger Jessica Valenti. Jessica will be joined by writer and editor Anna Holmes, the founding editor of; and reproductive justice activist Aimee Thorne-Thomsen, vice president for strategic partnership at Advocates for Youth and former executive director of the Pro-Choice Public Education Project.

Of course, the “future of feminist activism” is a broad topic that encompasses countless important questions. To narrow things down a bit, we’re asking you—our readers—to get us started with suggestions for issues and questions you’d like to see discussed. Post your thoughts in the comment section below and be sure to join us on Thursday, July 5, at 2 pm for a lively conversation!

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