Crossword Classic #3

Crossword Classic #3

From the November 1, 1947, issue.


Each week Crossword Classic dips into the Nation archive for a vintage brain-twisting, British-style cryptic crossword puzzles. Puzzler-in-residence Frank W. Lewis has produced these weekly gems for more than sixty years.

And Frank is still going strong. His puzzles now appear biweekly in the print edition of The Nation. These are available to subscribers only. For subscription information, click here.

We hope you enjoy these early crosswords, which vary slightly in format from our current offerings: solutions are written, rather than displayed on a grid. And for instant gratification, the “Click Here for Solutions” link at right reveals the answers to the current week’s Crossword Classic . The solutions can also be hidden.

Sharpen your wits and your pencil, hit the “Print” button, and enjoy the puzzle!

From the the November 1, 1947, issue.


1  As a rule, it sounds like an arm. (5)

4  Should mean a password at the bridge!

9  The thief’s in the jug overseas, and that’s the end of it! (9)

10  How they drank at one time. (7)

11  Not the very image of diligence, apparently. (4)

12  Large and gaudy. (5)

13  Measures correctly, as stanzas should. (4)

16  Direction of Grant’s march on Richmond? (7)

17  Ladies wear this out, and in a revel, at that! (7)

19  Place properly by tearing into pieces. (7)

22  Could steel be made out of them? (7)

24  Go to the river, and stick there. (4)

25  Fashionable vehicles, in a way. (5)

26  A demon returns hence. (4)

29  Was a grain a drop in the barrel once? (7)

30  Logical country for babies. (7)

31  St. Peter’s dome is slightly off center, If you measure the distance. (9)

32  It’s here now! (6)


1  Take a taxi to the river, and allow one to ride in it. (9)

2  A negative reply is nothing to me but offensive. (7)

3  This grand old man knew a thing or two! (4)

4  Only children are so cooked. (7)

5  Where 7 is spoken ? (7)

6  If repeated, this leads to jail. (4)

7  Spoken in 5 ? (7)

8  Cowboy actors? (5)

14  Capital is definitely below par now. (5)

15  If this bird hadn’t lost his head, he’d make a lament. (6)

18  Just before 32. (9)

20  Grading to make it cheap. (7)

21  Butter portion? (7)

22  Gilbert referred to an enterprising one. (7)

23  Lochinvar was so in love! (7)

24  If the answer were “nip” this might be the clue. (5 hyphenated)

27  Frequently greased at the beach. (4)

28  A good place not to be on! (4)

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