Crossword Classic #19

Crossword Classic #19

From the February 21, 1948, issue.



1  It’s hard to understand things beyond it. (13)

10  A dime is enough to make art materials. (5)

11  How the platoon is formed? (9)

12  When a motor is this, does it die? (9)

13  Is T. N. T. the sort of thing to be sparing with? (5)

14  Not as fast at track as it would be if it had a coach. (7, 5)

19  Pegasus ? (12)

22  What happens if the cut is to my right? (5)

24  This shows many interesting features. (9)

25  Magnetic conductor. (9)

26  His delight was in the theatre. (5)

27  Surly searcher? (13)


2  If you wait, you’ll take them. (6)

3  In trade he eventually goes to the wall. (9)

4  Get me up with the bell, when his sort follows. (9)

5  Relieved from a seed. (5)

6  These were often sad in the service. (5)

7  Oil ring a change might make new. (8)

8  Blackens the reputation of a famous African general? (5)

9  This month an article appears in a form of 13. (7)

15  The sort of a coin that comes to harm. (9)

16  Miniver loved them, albeit he had never seen one. (3, 6)

17  Helps when a donkey and I are on the streets. (7)

18  He’s a Pa, per se. (8)

20  On the road it spins a kind of dress? (6)

21  It sounds great, too. (5)

23  One doesn’t expect them from Kings. (5)

24  A harbinger of fall? (5)

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