Congress–Do No Harm!

Congress–Do No Harm!


Here’s what I Sent to The Hill–the DC weekly newspaper–when they asked me to contribute recently to their Punditspeak feature. Their question of the week:

What Should Be the Top Priority for Congress in the Second Session?

Top priority? Get out of town? If not—Do no harm.

Don’t adopt more tax cuts that increase inequality and deficits.

Don’t adopt an energy bill that lards more subsidies on industry and increases dependence on foreign oil.

Don’t adopt an ominibus spending bill that furthers media consolidation, and allows the Administration to deprive millions of workers of overtime pay.

If there was chance of a positive agenda–undo the harm already done:

Pass a requirement that Medicare negotiate best price for drugs for seniors (reversing prescription drug benefit bill).

Pass a requirement limiting media consolidation (reversing FCC/omnibus bill).

Reverse labor department regulations stripping workers of overtime.

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