The Civilian Casualties of War

The Civilian Casualties of War

The footage you are about to see is poignant, heart-wrenching and often a direct result of a US foreign policy that revolves around war.


The supplemental funding bill for the
wars passed yesterday, with support from some Democrats who previously
had been opposed to funding escalation. 32 House Democrats voted
, but that wasn’t enough to stop the bill.

Brave New Films is back with Part 4 of Rethink Afghanistan,
focusing on civilian casualties, and their point rings true now more
than ever. The money in the supplemental will be spent on a war that
wounds and kills civilians, as the families in the video attest. The
sight of wounded children and thousands of people living in camps for
internally displaced people is a sobering reminder of the importance of
speaking out against the war. Brave New Films is asking for donations to RAWA, the
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, to help civilians
wounded or displaced by the war.

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Sarah Jaffe

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