In a recent post, Joshua told of our move from Upstate California to San Francisco. As newcomers to this metropolis, we needed jobs, and perhaps more importantly, we needed to fit in. Joshua decided to follow his muse, and join the poetry scene in North Beach (he will share his experiences in a future post). As for me, I decided to stay in the food business. I moved across the Bay to Berkeley to become a restaurateur, as I know how to spell that word and, moreover, I have a French accent.

Check out the menu I designed for my future restaurant!



We use no-cigar produce whenever possible.
Glutton-free and native-gear items available upon request.

Fast Break
LOX TALK AND BERYL bagel special
L’EMOTE eggs, theater style
BUILD-YOUR-OWN SCRAMBLE you choose the letters, we do the rest

I-GREC club sandwich
AUNT EM tuna melt with a dash

Word Salads
OLD MAN’S almonds
GENRES mixed greens
SOUPE DU JOUR soup of the day
SOUPE DE JAVU soup of the day before

PEPPERONI kind of spray on individual’s face
RENT MONEY flatbread


OXYMORON jumbo shrimp
KITCHEN BASTER chicken breast
KEATS meat or fish, depending
BLEW PLAIT special

Taking Sides
POOR LAWS cabbage

EPISCOPAL soft drink
OH, LOCAL! hard drink
MACHO strong coffee
HENRI Rhine wine

TSARINA cheese plate


In addition to this remarkable menu, I’d offer GUACK-A-MOLE, an avocado video game to keep the children entertained while the adults solve a puzzle or two while waiting for their food. At Chez Henri the “writing in the air” gesture, which in other restaurants means “the bill, please,” would mean “may I have a pencil?” To ask for the bill, customers would operate an air calculator, which makes a lot more sense, no?

What do you think of my business plan? Please share here, along with any quibbles, questions, kudos or complaints about the current puzzle or any previous puzzle. To comment (and see other readers’ comments), please click on this post’s title and scroll to the bottom of the resulting screen.

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