Bush’s Assaults on Women–Updated

Bush’s Assaults on Women–Updated


Since George W. Bush arrived in DC, he has been waging a not-so-quiet war against women and families, as I detailed in a recent weblog.

Now, Bush has vowed to sign into law legislation passed yesterday by the Senate that would ban so-called “partial-birth” abortions. As NARAL President Kate Michelman said, “The Senate took its final step toward substituting politicians’ judgement for that of a woman, her family, and her doctor…No one should be fooled as to the real intentions of this Bill’s sponsors; they want to take away entirely the right to personal privacy and a woman’s right to choose.”

With Bush in the White House, women’s right to choose is in greater danger now than it has been at any time since the Supreme Court issued the Roe V. Wade decision thirty years ago. It is truly, as Senator Barbara Boxer said after passage of the ban, a “very sad day for the women of America.” This latest assault on women’s reproductive rights is part of a larger war–waged by the Republican Party with Bush as its general.

Click here for a top-ten list of Bush Assaults on Women and Families. And thanks to the many readers who have sent me their own contributions to this list, which I’ll be publishing in the coming weeks. (Click here to share your thoughts with me. I’ll keep a running tally of Bush assaults as we head into 2004.)

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