Brave New Films is holding a “What Would You Ask John McCain” Contest.
Details below:

Tell us what you would ask John McCain and you could win a
free REAL McCain shirt.

John McCain has been secretive, duplicitous, downright dishonest about so many issues, from his economic platforms to the release of his
medical records
. That’s why we created our REAL McCain series, which you have made successful by spreading these videos in an effort to hold
McCain accountable.

Tell us what issue you would ask McCain to come clean about and why. The team at Brave New Films will review comments to select fifty winners to
receive a free REAL McCain t-shirt. And you will receive a free Brave
New Films video subscription just for entering the contest.

Winners will be determined on Monday, October 27th. Each winner will be immediately mailed a REAL McCain t-shirt, so enter today!

Marissa Colón-Margolies

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