Bonnie Raitt is a legendary musician, feminist, and activist. Dolores Huerta
is a legendary organizer, feminist, and activist. Both women have achieved
great successes in their fields. While one was marching on the streets
for migrant laborers, the other was headlining concerts bringing
attention to the risks of nuclear energy and global warming. They’re two
distinctly different women who came from radically different
backgrounds, but both chose to spend their lives trying to make the
world a better place. In this conversation, Raitt and Huerta talk about
their passions, regrets, fears, and most of all their dreams
for future generations.

A kind of “living history” project composed of short videotaped
conversations, This Brave Nation brings together the most intelligent, passionate and creative voices of one generation with the activists, journalists and artists of the next to dialogue on loves, lives, politics and history. Each discussion will be produced as both a
five-minute video and a thirty-minute mini-documentary, which will be
collected in a DVD box set. A new video will be released each Sunday over the next few weeks leading up to a live event in Los Angeles on July 13.