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Rampant corruption and arbitrary imprisonment, a senseless bureaucracy, a financially destitute majority and police-led torture of civilians—these are among the unbearable conditions that have spawned a people’s revolt in Egypt.

Democracy Now!'s Sharif Kouddous reports on today's massive protest in Cairo.

The Comcast/NBC Universal merger has wide implications for all citizens.

 Democracy Now!'s Sharif Kouddous reports on the ongoing unrest in Egypt.

The protests throughout Egypt are more about getting Mubarak out than anything else.

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What a country's treatment of its own citizens says about how it will treat non-citizens.

After the defeat of DOMA, the LGBTQ movement needs to push beyond marriage equality.

The Nation's Greg Kaufmann joined Stand Up! With Pete Dominick to argue that there are ways to alleviate poverty in America and that it starts with increasing the minimum wage.

Last week, eight candidates in New York City's upcoming mayoral election spoke on issues of policing and criminal justice at a forum co-sponsored by The Nation.