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Lyric Nation

Lyric NationPoets who have been published in The Nation reading selections of their work.

Jordan Davis

Lyric Nation: Three Poems by Joseph Ceravolo

"Indian Song," "Untitled," "Hidden Bird"

Charles North

Three Poems by Charles North

"Breather," "Madrigal," "A Note on Labor Day"

Evie Shockley

Three Poems by Evie Shockley

"improphisised," "Mirror and Canvas," "The Farewell Letters"

Lawrence Joseph

Three Poems by Lawrence Joseph

“Syria,” “Inclined to Speak,” “The Game Changed”

Paula Bohince

Three Poems by Paula Bohince

"Leviticus Again," "Mother's Quail," "The Children"

Peter Cole

Three Poems by Peter Cole

 "Leviticus Again," "Of Time and Intensity," "Tutelary"

Susan Stewart

Lyric Nation: Three Poems by Susan Stewart

"There Is No Natural Death," "The Forest," "The Owl"

William Carlos Williams

Lyric Nation: Three Poems by William Carlos Williams

"Labrador," "A Vision of Labor," "A Unison"

Christian Wiman

Lyric Nation: Three Poems by Osip Mandelstam

"Black Candle," "Leningrad," "And I Was Alive"

Charles Bernstein

Three Poems by Charles Bernstein

 "Chimera," "Strike!" and "All the Whiskey in Heaven"