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October 6, 2008

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Obama: Win First, Change Later

Oakland, Calif.


Any Wall Street bailout must also impose tax increases for the wealthy, market reforms and address the needs of middle class Americans caught in the crunch.

Fifty years ago, Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote that all citizens have an "unremitting obligation" to respond to Congressional subpoenas. Karl Rove has breached this obligation.

Haiti has been beaten down by storms and abandoned by its neighbors, and its suffering will only increase unless the world community responds.

Tricky Dick Cheney, Canada Greens, the truth about the Rosenberg trial

Palin's opposition to government-supported renewable energy makes her stupendously ill equipped for national office.

Puncturing John McCain's Teddy Roosevelt persona will require brutal honesty from Barack Obama--about the causes of the crash and the regulatory solutions.



Remember the National Lampoon cover showing a puppy with a gun to its head? That's the Paulson plan.


Henry Paulson isn't proposing the nationalization of private corporations--he wants a corporate takeover of government.


Even without knowing the specifics of Paulson's staggering rescue plan, you can kiss the environment, preschool education and health insurance for all goodbye.

John McCain is determined to lie his way into the White House, and pundits and reporters are doing everything they can to enable that strategy.

Andy Warhol would have loved Sarah Palin. She really is the ultimate soup can.

Comix Nation

Awwww... aren't they cute?

She flips, she flops, she flips again.


Something needs to be done for the American taxpayer--something fair--to salvage Wall Street. We want the same deal Warren Buffet got.

Flush with cash, most Asian governments and financial players are wary of being drawn into the Wall Street maelstrom.

Bernanke is asking for trust he has not earned. Here's a shortlist of conditions to make this a credible deal.

Instead of handing Bernanke $700 billion with no strings attached, government should take over the banking and finance sector, clean it up and start funneling money into the real economy.

The bailout jeopardizes the entire progressive agenda, undermines democracy, doesn't compensate us for our money and doesn't solve the problem. Otherwise, it's great!

A Michigan news site uncovers a GOP plan to deny people caught up in foreclosure proceedings the right to vote in November. Team Obama files suit to stop the practice.

The Paulson/Bernanke bailout plan is not the way to go, unless you work on Wall Street. Even if you do, there are compelling reasons to fear it. Here's what Congress should do instead.

The deregulation binge that tanked global markets is a bullet deliberately fired into the economy by ideologues, heedless of the ultimate cost to taxpayers. And John McCain cheered them on.

John McCain is making a big show of criticizing the government "bailout" of insurance giant AIG. But it turns out that AIG is one of the largest donors to his pet think-tank.

Paulson's rescue plan represents a historic swindle--all sugar for the villains, lasting pain for the rest of us. Don't let Wall Street get away with this without enacting significant reform.

Washington's mission may, at this late date, be an even greater one than Roosevelt's New Deal faced.

The corporations that rigged the casino economy and CEOs and investors who profited at our expense should bear the recovery costs.

A mission to Gaza motivated by human misery broke the Israeli siege and raised Nobel hopes for a group of dedicated activists.

Environmentalists must learn to join forces with other agents of change.

The war hero has long sought to bury information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.

Massive workplace raids are part of a pressure campaign for guest-worker programs.

The Editors Here's what's really at stake in this election, for America and the world.

Books & the Arts


A French pundit's short journey from Maoism to the cult of moi.


Four authors examine the evolution of the social sciences and how academic theorizing impacted global affairs before and after Vietnam.


Elizabeth Pisani and Jonny Steinberg explore antipodal aspects of the fight against AIDS.


The Coen brothers' dark comedy and Godfrey Cheshire's story of plantation life.

The filmmaker discusses the American Dream, crummy jobs and his new work, The Pool.


When I tell her the dining room seems a little small,
She opens the double doors to the garden
And motions me out with a gesture suggesting

3rd Party Article

With high school newspapers disappearing, the future of journalism is at risk.

The most painful part of the campaign season for most ordinary Americans is how we are subjected to senseless lies and irresponsible attack ads.


From the February 14, 1948, issue.


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