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October 22, 2007

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Those who serve the law in dangerous and original ways are deserving of the recognition--and the protection--that a Nobel Prize would bring them.

From product safety to piracy, human rights and the Olympic Games, isn't it time we started being realistic about the way we treat China?

The right-wing philanthropist is pushing the phony science of positive psychology to numb Americans into smiley-faced acquiescence to the status quo.

Federal authorities are prosecuting Steve Kurtz under the Patriot Act for using harmless bacteria in his artwork. A new film examines his ordeal.

How do presidential candidates propose to protect our privacy?

The mainstream media's smear campaign against Mohamed ElBaradei, John Nichols on former NEA chair John Frohnmayer, Peter C. Baker on presidential Facebooks, and more.

Blackwater USA's Erik Prince and his State Department enablers have a lot of explaining to do.

Kucinich may be too idealistic to be a presidential contender, but his voice needs to be heard.



The CIA's role in his assassination managed to turn a failed--and flawed--guerrilla fighter into an enduring symbol of resistance to oppression.


Forget about raising money for actual teaching or research. Institutions of higher learning would rather troll for money for their sports teams.


Clinton, Edwards, Obama: behind the branding, they're more similar than you think.

In the gray dawn of the twenty-first century, only a handful of lawmakers dare to stand up and be counted on matters of war and peace.


Is there an Army recruiter in your future?

We need a President willing to choose morality over hyper-Americanism.

Peace activists are reaching out to US military officials to dampen the Bush Administration's ardor for attacking Iran.

Sportswriters hyperventilate over scandals big and small. But when a football hero and Bush critic is shot three times at close range in Afghanistan, by friendly fire, why does no one bat an eye?

How can we curtail corporate power?

How can Americans become more generous?

Poverty in America is a moral issue.

His campaign slogan--"As I Was Saying, You Have My Undivided Attention"--is playing well with voters in areas where cell phone coverage is erratic.

After professing to abhor torture, the Bush Justice Department secretly authorized it. And the consequences for us all are grave.

As the gap widens between rich and poor, millions of black workers are challenging African National Congress rule. How did a victory against apartheid turn into class war?

The Bush Administration once professed there were no body counts in its war on terror. But in the metrics-driven post-surge accounting in Iraq, it turns out it's been counting everything.

A human rights activist remembers the courage of a crusading journalist, murdered one year ago.

The political mainstream is beholden to sclerotic economic policies that serve only a fraction of the public's interests.

Memo to Congress: the Arctic is on thin ice--and so are you.

A history of colonial neglect and endemic corruption has unleashed a lawless logging binge in the heart of Congo's massive woodlands.

Books & the Arts


A trilogy of hard-boiled detective novels set in Marseilles contemplates the ethnic turmoil in modern-day France.


Listening to Sonny Rollins for the first time. Again.


the people in question

dig quietly

with festal fork

and feather

a pause

means nothing

perhaps privilege


Moral mudslinging has stifled debate over the Israel lobby.


Who needs reality TV when you can revel in the decadence, dysfunction and dirty laundry of the fictional super-rich?

3rd Party Article

Damali Ayo's National Day of Panhandling for Reparations interactive performance art event aims to bring legislative conversations to the masses.

Young public high school teachers offer insight to our education system and what reforms students are asking for.

With student groups working tirelessly to spread sexual health awareness, why are sexually transmitted infections still going strong on college campuses?