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May 13, 2013 Issue

Cover art by: design by Milton Glaser Incorporated

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  • Editorials

    Terror in Texas

    There ought to be a response to violence besides callous indifference and total social warfare.

    Richard Kim

  • Noted

    Katrina vanden Heuvel on austerity’s flawed foundation, Dave Zirin on firing the Steubenville coach, Andrew Bard Epstein on direct action against drones, the editors on transparency and the Bradley Manning case

    Various Contributors

  • Washington’s Response to 9/11: Torture, Disappearances, War Crimes

    That’s the unanimous conclusion of a nonpartisan task force. It should teach us not to overreact to the Boston bombings.

    David Cole

  • Is There a Chechen Connection to the Boston Bombings?

    It appears the Tsarnaev brothers were self-motivated. But their Salafist extremism was itself one outgrowth of the brutal Chechen wars of independence against Russia.

    Thomas Goltz

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