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July 9, 2007 Issue

Cover art by: Cover by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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  • Editorials

    Who Is Hillary Clinton?

    A closer look at Hillary Clinton's career reveals a technocratic centrist whose political ambition might trump any progressive policy promises.

    Barbara Ehrenreich

  • Who’s Afraid of History?

    Official Washington wants to avoid the "divisive ordeal" of looking at what went wrong in Iraq. But upcoming hearings for Admiral Michael Mullins' nomination as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the perfect opportunity.

    Stanley I. Kutler

  • A New Green Card Deal

    History is full of examples showing that policies designed to exclude immigrants are doomed to fail.

    Mae Ngai

  • Revolution in Venezuela?

    Oil money allows Hugo Chávez to do many things, but it will never be enough to buy a revolution.

    Joaquín Villalobos

  • In Praise of Red Tape

    When lawmakers and the media failed to hold the Bush Administration to account, it was left to bureaucrats to defend the integrity of government.

    Christopher Hayes

  • Eyeless in Gaza

    The disaster in Gaza has many fathers, but its most direct cause was the Bush Administration's cynical manipulation of democracy promotion.

    the Editors

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