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December 15, 2008

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Goodbye Robocalls?

Amissville, Va.


Because of the hubris of Bush and Cheney, we face a world of multiplied dangers, emboldened challengers and a paucity of reliable allies.

Shutting down Guantánamo is long overdue. We shouldn't recreate it by another name.

If he keeps his promises to autoworkers, Obama has the chance to renew the ability of organzed labor to improve the lot of union and non-union workers in the twenty-first century.

Kudos to Minnesota's recount process; and kudos to Van Jones, 2008 recipient of the $100,000 Puffin/Nation Prize for green economy activism.

Progressives need to be as clear-eyed, tough and pragmatic about Obama as he is about us.

Timothy Geithner is responsible for much of the generous deal-making now underway with Wall Street. If Obama's not careful, he will be blamed.

On Day One, Congress must present Obama with a bold stimulus plan focused on putting people to work, rebuilding infrastructure and expanding the productive capacity of the economy.



As he drives his team of retreads, the challenge for Obama is to remain the agent of change who electrified the nation.


Forget big bailouts. The fed should finance non-profit state banks like the Bank of North Dakota--no profit means no reason for bankers to misbehave--to get real money to real people in the real economy.

CBS News and the Washington Post go into overtime expunging liberal bias.


We have much to fear from easy evocations of 9/11, but in India, it is a call to the world to recognize their loss.

If original thinking doesn't find a home among the Obama administration's Clinton-era Brainiacs, how can we move beyond the bailout state?

For years, disenchanted US progressives figured they could always move to Canada. But Canadians, stuck with a conservative government, may now be eyeing America.

The US-Iraq Security Pact signals the war is ending--though not soon enough--and challenges peace activists to broaden their agenda against new quagmires.

As Martti Ahtisaari receives the Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, it is clear that the hard work of peacemaking does not guarantee universal acclaim.

Its airports shut, Thailand is now ungovernable, as an educated elite attempts to overthrow the populist government it couldn't defeat at the ballot box.

The Obama administration should embrace
progressive tactics to protect human and workplace rights.

How millions of Obama volunteers can go to work for a progressive agenda.

Letting Detroit fail: catastrophic. Transforming it into a lean green machine-maker: visionary.

Conversations with Raul Castro about Obama, Guantánamo and the Pentagon; and with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez on human rights in his country and the next US administration.

Books & the Arts

Is a new, computer-generated poetry anthology as intriguing--and boring--as the lifework of any fairly prolific poet?


Amid the ruins of a new gilded age, the devalued and depressed American people are ready to demand more.


Without a commitment to affordable housing for all, the ownership society remains a myth for many Americans.


Is sexual promiscuity in Iran a sign of political ferment or of an unmoored generation's dissipated energies?

3rd Party Article

Jamilah King Vote Hip-Hop contest winners rap and work for change.

Ivan Natividad A young ACORN organizer reflects on negative media sensationalism and how it affected this so-called "radical" group of community organizers.

Shona Clarkson Do farmworkers deserve to be treated as human beings? For Chipotle Mexican Grill, the jury is still out.

Kameelah Rasheed Even if Barack Obama is not everything you want in a president, his
victory still warrants a full-hearted celebration.



1An athlete--or a DJ--might, but don't let go the minutes! (4,3,6)