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April 2, 2007

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San Diego


As rural America becomes ground zero for Iraq casualties, Farms Not Arms is urging farmers to attend anti-war rallies and recruiting families to give refuge to returning vets.

As the student peace movement grows stronger and more sophisticated, can it ignite the silent antiwar majority on campus?

Remembering the political economist who brought to contemporary issues the research and philosophical vision of a scholar.

In praise of Harry Belafonte, on his eightieth birthday.

If movies reflect our shared consensus about right and wrong, Black Snake Moan speaks volumes about twenty-first-century America.

After four years in Iraq, America and the world are crying for a way out of the bloodshed. Can Democrats lead the way?

The case of the Gonzales Eight proves the White House sees no legal limit on presidential power.



In an overpopulated and warming world, isn't it weird that governments are encouraging large families?

Will any candidate have the fortitude to link America's crimes abroad with crime at home?


Antiwar activists are using the video-sharing site to reach new audiences and counter mainstream media bias.

Battles between the city's black and Latino gangs are the outcome of a dismal racial and economic situation.

Sports figures are joining the crusade to free a Louisiana man convicted as a teenager of a murder he didn't commit.

A majority of Iraqis now say it's OK to attack American troops. Thanks, George.

A US Attorney fired just as he began investigating a GOP lawmaker for corruption is now being smeared by the White House and its
top porn cop.

The Bracket Racket has dragged athletes and institutions of higher learning into the mud of big money and pseudo-professional sports.

Banks no longer lend money to people able to pay them back. Now they trap the poor, the sick, students and elderly people into signing up for credit cards and watch the fees pile up.

An investigation into Blackwater USA reveals a frightening picture of a politically connected private army that serves as the administration's Praetorian guard.

Books & the Arts


New biographies of Andrew Carnegie and Andrew Mellon depict the two primeval capitalists in all their contradictory complexity.


Two books about Kofi Annan illuminate the controlling relationship between the US and the United Nations.

3rd Party Article

Students will get busy over spring break with anti-death penalty activities. We go to Austin, Texas, to interview Hooman Hedayati, president of Texas Students Against the Death Penalty.

Self-described "cockeyed Idealist" Jeff Chang talks about his new book and the future of hip-hop culture.

Anti-affirmative action activist Ward Connerly announces his new plans.

How the tenure process discriminates against female professors.

How a disabled student fought for, and won, fair treatment from her university.