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Zach Carter

Zach Carter, a banking reporter for SNL Financial News, writes a weekly blog on the economy for The Media Consortium. His work has appeared in Mother Jones, Salon and The American Prospect.


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The House and Senate have finally ironed out their differences on Wall Street reform. What will the bill fix—and what does it leave broken?

The Senate passed a financial reform package that includes a handful of important reforms, but it won't fundamentally change the relationship between banks and society. The real fight for our economy will require sweeping action by engaged citizens.

If Dodd proceeds with a gutted version of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, every aspect of the Wall Street overhaul will have been entirely undermined.

Taxpayers are getting a raw deal in Citigroup's plan to repay its bailout funds. But you would never know it from reading the news.

John Dugan helped create the "too big to fail" economy--so why is he still regulating our banks?

At major US banks, shareholders actually want their executives to be rewarded for taking on excessive risk.